Month: July 2010

Star Wars: Omninus: Boba Fett

500 (mostly) great pages of badass bounty hunter comics. Here’s what I discovered – when I read Star Wars comics, I hear Wilhelm Screams in my head. As this is a massive collection, there are different writers and artists on display. Some are better than others. When it’s cookin’, though, it’s great. My favorite story is called Underworld: The Yavin Vassilika, which has competing Hutts sending all the great Bounty Hunters, such as IG-88, Dengar, Zuckuss and Lando & Han, on a wild goose chase. The drawings are really groovy and the fan service is through the roof. I tore through his hefty tome on an airplane and now I’m hungry for...

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010), Edgar Wright, A

Pretty damned revelatory. I’m gonna do something I don’t normally do, which is reprint my entire review which ran on UGO. ** “Oh, to be young and feel love’s sting.” – Albus Dumbledore. There is a reason why Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Edgar Wright’s wildly innovative film adaptation of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s collection of graphic novels, is, in the parlance of its characters, an epic win. Beneath the dazzling special effects, catchy music, layers of sound design and more sight gags you can shake a +2 against girls hammer at, beat the hearts of confused young people in love. SPvTW tells the story of a slackerish kid in Toronto who likes video games, plays bass in a mediocre band, hasn’t had a mature emotional relationship and, importantly, doesn’t know that yet. The telling of his life is treated like a game (with effects-heavy fight sequences dropped in like songs in a musical) and Pilgrim moves from level to level, reaching the ultimate boss fight in an attempt to win the girl of his (literal) dreams. The film drifts in and out of realism with ease. What begins with established cinematic tricks, such as voice over and on-screen text, soon escalates into an orgy of visual gimmickry. Truthfully, I’ve never seen a movie with quite this much post-production fourth wall picture and sound tinkering. Ang Lee’s Hulk exploited its...

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The Ultimates, Vol 2: Homeland Security

This may be a first for me when commenting about a Marvel book – but this is absolutely fucking fantastic. This and Vol 1 (Super-Human) of The Ultimates is, with some minor tweaking, all they need for creating a fantastic Avengers movie. If the Thor that comes out in theaters is *this* Thor, we’re in for some real...

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009), David Yates, C+

Way, way, way too serious. Not fun – and not *British*! Other than the butterbeer, all the charm is bleached from this film and we spend the whole time drowning in mythos with Tom Riddle hiding his soul and people looking at each other’s memories. And I have no idea what that whole business with Dumbledore drinking a the potion out of that shell in the cave was all about. And after 5 movies of Snape seeming like a bad guy but actually being good – turns out he was actually bad this whole time? And it doesn’t even get sprung on us – we learn it at the beginning? Like it was an off-season decision or...

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