Month: May 2010

Wolf (1994), Mike Nichols, C+

This movie is pretty damned good until the whole “wolfman” thing starts up. Jack Nicholson as a sad, cuckolded, aging publicist fighting off Christopher Plummer and corporate takeover, though, is quite droll. I wish Nichols stuck with that. Of note: every single bit player later went on to greatness. It is quite...

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Green Lantern: Legacy – The Last Will & Testament of Hal Jordan

This post is here for the explicit purpose of proving that I don’t just automatically like any comic/graphic novel that has the Green Lantern imprimatur. “Legacy – the Last Will & Testament of Hal Jordan” is awful. It is meant to have some post-9/11 heft, but instead it gives credence to the (usually) ill-informed belief that if comic book writers could write real stories they wouldn’t write comic...

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Ion: The Dying Flame

Call it a spin-off comic if you want, but Kyle Rayner’s adventures as “Ion” prior to the Sinestro Corps War are very engrossing, filled with color, loaded with SF imagery dripping off the page and (forgive me for saying so) a little touching. Worth checking out for any GL...

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