Month: April 2010

Green Lantern Corps: Sins of the Star Sapphire

Now we’re cookin’. First, it rains eyeballs. Then there’s a GL who can talk to the dead. Then there’s a babysnatcher flying around the Universe and only the Mercy Plants can help us. Oh – and let’s not forget these purple love babes (I thought Sapphires were blue?) who don’t quite understand the danger of their emotions. (And they’re mostly...

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Green Lantern Corps: Ring Quest

Green Lantern comics are fun but Green Lantern Corps comics are where it is at. Our space cops are zipping around the Universe, doing whatever the blue guys tell them, and slinging jokes in all direction. This time, after the Sinestro Corps War leaves everyone on Earth, Guy Gardner opens a bar, Kyle Rayner quits a job at the Rose Center for Earth and Space (!) and everyone runs afoul of those pesky Bliss Plants again. This book ends with the death of the littlest, bravest GL and I can’t lie and say it didn’t get me a little...

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Green Lantern: Secret Origins

If you are gonna’ do as I do, and try to read every GL book you can get your hands on before sinking in to Blackest Night/Brightest Day, you maybe don’t need to read this one as part of that binge. It is a lot of stuff you’ve already read – but it has a nice flow. Because that’s what a lot of these comic book stories are, right? The retelling, over and over, in different formats, mediums and styles, of the same story. So here is a nice mix of the GL origin, taking from the Silver Age and blending with today, and making it nice. Great place to start, I would...

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Green Lantern: Wanted: Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan taken prisoner- without his ring! And then has to suffer the indignity of those weak Global Guardians (booooo France!) Then Alan Scott comes and yells at him. Later the Star Sapphire appears making Carol Ferris and Cowgirl Pearlman (a Jewish cowgirl?) all pink and naked. It is a great deal of...

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