Month: March 2010

Star Trek: Romulans: Pawns of War

Yes! All of John Byrne’s Romulan tales from the last three years (plus a new one, showing the Balance of Terror from the ROMULANS’ POINT OF VIEW!) are gathered in one awesome spot. Essential expanded universe reading! Three frickin cheers to IDW for sticking with this long, drawn-out tale for nearly 4 years and putting it all in one awesome...

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The Secret of Her Eyes (2009), Juan Jose Campanella, B+

A pretty damned terrific episode of Law and Order. Forget that the mystery aspect is good, but the characters are fascinating. It is a poetic look at a procedural – much like Zodiac, in how an unsolved crime can tear someone apart. Great supporting players, too. But the real win is the shocking long take at the film’s center. I’ll be doing an in depth piece about this sequence on UGO next week – but when this film comes out in a few weeks, it is worth the price of admission...

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Bad Marie, Marcy Dermansky

This might sound simple, or obvious, but it is true: there’s an easy way to tell if a book is good. If you zip through it in undisturbed sessions and are done before you even realize, it is good. I’d been schlepping around a brick of a novel that I thought I was liking, but then I opened this up for kicks and next thing I knew, before I got up to pee or get a glass of water, I was on page 59. Bad Marie, which’ll be in bookstores in mid-June, is the story of a woman of questionable ethics and responsibility. In real life, you’d hate her – but the world seen through her eyes makes her behavior strangely sympathetic. . .and appealing. There is something liberating in being with someone who is being bad – so reading this book is kinda like going out and getting drunk and doing things you aren’t supposed to do. It is probably very good for your mental hygiene to take this sort of trip once in a while. Read this book when it comes out!! Highly...

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Green Lantern Corps: Recharge

This can act as Exhibit A when I argue that Green Lantern is actually nerdier than Star Trek. A lattice of subspace networking is leading Interstellar spiders directly to the Guardians of the Universe’s power source. Yeah, deal with it. All four Green Lanterns of Earth are ultimately called in to aid, but not before Killowog and some noobs (like alien medical hottie Soranik Natu) get in on the action. Oh, and Black Holes,...

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