Month: November 2009

City of Lost Children (1995), Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, C+

Wow – here is one that has NOT aged well. (I’m afraid to see what Delicatessen looks like.) Loud, simple and, in a way, cheap, that’s how this feels to me. There are some clever scenes – like stealing a key by attaching a magnet to a mouse’s but and sprinkling cheese on the floor – but, oy, it’s so noisy. Somehow Brazil and Eraserhead are timeless, but this just screams early 90s Angelika Film Center...

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Memorial, VOY 6

A pretty interesting concept: an atrocity memorial that imprints its horrors on people whether they want it or not. This is one of those episodes where the ideas floating around underneath are actually better than what actually made it onto the...

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Virtuoso, VOY 6

This is a reasonably entertaining episode where a highly advanced race of people ask, “What is this thing called ‘music’?” Some nice in-jokes about fan worship, too. Plus, anything when people treat The Doctor like the hologram he is, as you know, makes me...

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