Month: July 2009

Covenant, DS9 7

1/2 Gul Dukat is back. . . .as Jim Jones! And Empok Nor is French Guyana! The Pah-wraith cult is picking up steam and you know who is the man in charge. Great episode for Kira, who has been kinda secondary since her hookup w/...

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Rio Bravo (1959), Howard Hawks, C+

I know it is a classic and I know I’m speaking sacrilege, but I didn’t like it. It’s about 50 minutes too long, for starters, and ultimately rather silly. Feels like a TV show. Feels like a REALLLLY long episode of Barney Miller set in the old west. John Wayne considered this his response to High Noon, which he hated, but I think is a brilliant work of art. Stick with that picture. If you really must see Wayne in a movie with “Rio” in the title, try Rio Grande. That one is pretty good. (Dean Martin as the drunk turned straight is pretty good, I’ll give you that. Everything else in this movie is a...

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