Month: May 2009

Unforgettable, VOY 4

Here’s some more Prime Directive-bashing. In a flashback, we see that Chakotay aided in the capture of a planet’s citizen just because he wanted to . . .leave? Seems odd. Also odd, the race that “you can’t remember” and can put “viruses” into your computers so you’ll never know about them. Chakotay is the first person ever to think of pen and paper?...

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In The Pale Moonlight, DS9 6

There are some who say this is the greatest episode of Star Trek ever made. I will not argue that fact. Two words: Elim Fucking Garak. He’s one of the most fascinating characters ever to grace a television screen. And he’s allowed to totally dominate this episode and Sisko’s sense of morals. He and Sisko cook up a Gulf of Tonkin operation in order to bring the Romulans into the Dominion War. It works, though not the way Sisko intended. But if you aren’t willing to go all the way, don’t bother the Cardassian tailor. Awesome...

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The Omega Directive, VOY 4

Okay. Here’s an interesting conundrum. This is actually a very interesting story. And, I think, it would make a good sci-fi book or movie on its own. But I feel like its Voyager-ness is kinda grafted onto it. Hunting down the Omega particles – of interfering with another planet’s scientific development . . .all interesting. Seven of Nine experiencing a theological epiphany while observing a molecule? Truly cool. Violating the Prime Directive in such a callous manner? Out of character. Very out of character. A flawed episode – worthy of viewing and...

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