Month: April 2009

Bottle Shock (2009), Randall Miller, D

Take that, you lousy frogs! Our devil-may-care attitude, golden locks and proclivity for the sciences will shit all over your traditions. I know a man who has spent years going through every Trek episode and comic has no business scoffing at other peoples’ hobbies but, hey, folks: it’s a fucking drink! Spike some Welch’s with vodka if you REALLY want a kick. Bad movie. Chris Pine was okay, I suppose. Read Keith Uhlich’s well-written review if you want a more mature take on the whole...

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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Battle Within

The previous TNG collection, The Hero Factor, was an abomination of bad art, dumbass stories and lame Mary Sue characters. The first part of this collected run fares no better (although the 10 foot Data at least looks gay enough to be entertaining), but gathers steam with that well worn Trek fiction trope, the Captain’s court martial! Turns out there is a facsimile NCC-1701-D out there and it is killing people left and right. There’s even a little bit of a twist when we learn that the bad guy is actually a morphing “creature.” Shades of Squire of Gothos when we learn he’s just “having fun,” but, hey, whaddya gonna...

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