Month: December 2008

Spock’s World – Diane Duane

Considered one of the richer Trek novels – this 1988 tome is, indeed, a fun place to romp around in. The A-story is a little far-fetched: the Vulcans are voting on whether or not to leave the Federation. Certain folks are called in to testify. Kirk-Spock-Bones, of course, but also Sarek, who we get to know more in this story than in anything up until his appearances in TNG Sprinkled between chapters are tales from the birth of Spock’s planet of Vulcan. We see it before it is dried into a desert. We see the oft-mentioned centuries of brutal conflict. We witness the birth and rise of Surak, founder of modern Vulcan thought and proponent of cthia and Kolinar. We also see a very excited writer itching to share her insights about Usenet. Eh, who can blame her. Much of the writing is quite good (by the standards given by these books at this time) and if you were to pick up a first Trek novel you could do a lot worse than this...

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Unity, VOY 3

Holy Christ, the Borg are back. And when they disconnect they become – formerly assimilated Federation folk from Wolf 359? Mind-screwer, that is. A planet of reformed Borg now want back in to the Hive Mind before old ethnic tensions tear them apart. It’s like voting to renounce elections. Far...

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In Purgatory’s Shadow, DS9 5

Omigod omigod omigod. First, Martok is still alive. Second, Tain is Garak’s father. Third, Bashir has been replaced with a Changeling. WHAT? And there’s, like, 15 other awesome things happening here. Head asplode in awesome Ron D. Moore episode with shades of the forthcoming BSG mania in embryonic...

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Blood Fever, VOY 3

The Plak-Tow raises its ugly head again. A hats off to the the original Amok Time, this time a crazed Vulcan also infects a half-Klingon. Luckily the holodeck is there for schtupping purposes. I don’t buy, though, that “The Doctor” has a thunderbolt idea. Isn’t the release of sexual tension one of the unspoken uses of the holodeck? On DS9, Quark doesn’t even mince words about it. A bit of a disconnect here, but it is network...

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