Don’t get me wrong, Step Brothers is an awful film. It is preposterous and idiotic and, alas, relies far to heavily on the easy dick joke. However I give it major props for one solid reason: I respect anything anyone anytime when all else is subservient to a joke. Far too often with today’s comedies, opportunities are shunted aside in deference to “story.” Well – maybe not everything needs to have a story. Knocked Up needed a story – okay, I buy that. But Airplane! didn’t. The films of Jerry Lewis (to which Step Brothers owes everything and more) didn’t. And it takes a little chutzpah to just not give a shit and tell joke joke joke.

About half of these jokes fail. But that’s the negative view. About half of these jokes succeed! And they are hilarious! Will Ferrell acting retarded is hilarious – QED!

A note about the DVD – foolishly, the producers allow you to view the theatrical version or the unrated version. I hadn’t seen the theatrical and unwisely chose the unrated. Therefore, every time I was watching a scene that I thought wasn’t quite working I would wonder “was this left off the theatrical?” It made for distracting viewing. Note to Hollywood: leave your deleted scenes as “deleted scenes” on the DVD.