Month: September 2008

Threshold, VOY 2

There are some out there who call this the worst episode in ALL of Trek. I don’t see it that way, because it only gets truly terrible at the end. TOS’s And The Children Shall Lead is awful all the way through. Tom Paris kajiggers a shuttle to get to Warp 10 and “be at all points of the Universe at once.” Upon return, he starts to mutate (we later learn evolve) into the Swamp Thing. He kidnaps Janeway and turns her into Swamp Thing, too. Then the two salamanders mate and have kids?! And Chakotay just leaves them on their swamp planet??!? WTF! You can’t just leave them there. That violates absolutely every every everything the entire show represents. Anyway, there are entire websites dedicated to how bad this episode is, so I’ll leave it...

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Alliances, VOY 2

Quite an episode, but hardly efficient. There’s a lot of story going on here – Battlestar Galactica would’ve stretched this out to half a season. A space battle, kidnapping, negotiations, double-crosses, moles, more kidnapping, eegads. What they’re really doing in this episode is telegraphing to the audience – “please, please, our show is different from TNG. Janeway faces different problems from Picard. And we’ve gone all in on the Kazon, so please like them as a bad guy!!” This is, for the most part, achieved. The tribes of the Kazon were actually victims of an apartheid structure under the Trabe, who are now running scared from all the different (and warring) Kazon tribes. Can Janeway bring peace to everyone? Or can she just get people to leave her the hell...

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Role Models (2008), David Wain, A-

The Friedrich Engels to Judd Apatow’s Karl Marx is probably David Wain. Wait, what? I don’t really know what I mean by that either – except to say that David Wain’s films employ the same actors as Apatow’s and are funnier. Role Models is the funniest dumb ‘n vulgar comedy in a year of ’em – probably because the entire third act climax is centered on an epic LARP scenario – some of the beats stolen (uh, inspired) by the wonderful film Darkon. There’s some really funny shit in here, like a young black kid threatening to run a train on an especially tasty plate of chicken wings at “Chuck E. Cheese.” And a well-placed shofar. But I’m not really supposed to be talking about this movie so much. More, maybe, as we get closer to...

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Batman: Hush by Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee

Oddly enough, I found myself with absolutely nothing to do the morning and afternoon of my wedding. So I wound up sitting on a deck, by myself, reading Batman comics. This two-book collection is actually quite fabulous, partially because it features so many sexily drawn characters fighting one another: Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Huntress, Harley Quinn…..and they’re all on motorcycles half the time! There’s a nice whodunnit type storyline (indeed, please keep in mind that Batman is a detective!) and I must say that the love story angle between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle is actually rather...

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