Month: August 2008

Fortress (1993), Stuart Gordon, B

Anyone with an interest in the magic of cinema owes it to themselves to see Fortress. Not for the story and CERTAINLY not for the acting (we expect Christopher Lambert to be bad, but even the usually good Kurtwood Smith and Jeffrey Combs are terrible here) but for the ability to create feasible sci-fi sets on a budget of $12.98. The suspension of disbelief will work – all you have to do is sell it. A flashlight? No! A laser beam! This movie is wonderfully inspiring. Oh – and has, like five exploding stomachs. And a killer truck that needs to be destroyed Toreador style lest it interrupt an important...

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Maneuvers, VOY 2

Seska – the Cardassian pretending to be a Bajoran pretending to be a Maquis – is back, and now she is with one of the Kazon sects, looking to a) unify power and b) give Chakotay a hard time. She succeeds a little in both categories, causing Chakotay to sneak behind Janeway’s back and cause a lot of aggravation. Janeway really outta get rid of that guy, he’s a total...

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Starship Down, DS9 4

Sometimes DS9 is all about the social commentary, and sometimes it is action-adventure. This is the second. Pretty much a classic submarine tale, with little B-stories with individual groups of characters dealing with their own crises. Jadzia and Julian trapped in a meat locker not quite as touching as Kira desperate to keep Sisko out of a coma by discussing Bajoran beliefs. Best: Quark disarming a torpedo. Very...

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Cold Fire, VOY 2

1/2 By Voyager standards this episode is pretty damned good. Kes, surprisingly one of my favorite characters by now, continues her exploration of telekinetic powers. A run-in with more Ocampa on a second Caretaker-like array leads to too much power and general mishigoss. Somehow it all ends status quo, but not without a lot of yelling and carrying on. I must say that Jennifer Lien plays scared very well and is a terrific...

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