Month: December 2007

The Top 11 Movies of 2007

The image you see above represents the “also rans.” To see my full list, I must whisk you away to where you can flame me right there on the page. Okay, fine, if you just want a thumbnail: 11) There Will Be Blood 10) 1408 9) Once 8) Rescue Dawn 7) Knocked Up 6) No Country For Old Men 5) 300 4) Charlie Wilson’s War 3) 3:10 To Yuma 2) Sunshine 1) The Assassination of Jesse James By The Coward Robert...

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Sabry’s Seafood

We’ve wanted to hit Sabry’s for over a year. On Steinway, just below Astoria Blvd (right across the street from the Mosque) is an orange restaurant with a big case of fish on ice in the center of the room. Hardly the best use of space, but the hardcore can go in there and select the fish they want to have it grilled or broiled or fried or what-have-you in an Egyptian style. Ann & I went with the Tagines that were pretty frickin’ terrific, as was the shrimp bisque and baba ganouj. Fluffy, buttery pita bread came straight from the oven, the waitstaff was nice, the tea came with fresh mint and cloves and the music was awesome Arab-pop that almost led me to get up and dance. I would recommend not going here when it is crowded – I get the vibe they get easily disorganized; but when mostly empty it is a good...

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Starship Mine, TNG 6

The Enterprise empties for a deep, penetrating cleanse – pirate terrorists board to drain power and sell as a bomb! Luckily Picard stepped back aboard to grab his personal saddle (really, an excuse to leave an annoying cocktail party) and he can foil the plan. Down on the planet – Geordi’s visor acts as a make-everybody-but-Data-pass-out machine. Fun chase! Hats off to Picard for a) using a Vulcan nerve pinch! (that mind-meld with Sarek came in handy) and b) generally kicking a whole lot of...

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The Nagus, DS9 1

I’ve been doing my best to brush off concerns of anti-semitism with the Ferengi. But when, in The Nagus, we see a cabal of business owners reciting the “Ferengi Rules of Acquisition” (not the Protocols of Zion) I finally had to do some google searches. After spending time on and other neo-nazi sites, I found myself a little sick to my stomach. And, yes, most of the people who play Ferengi (which, allegedly, is based on the Arabic word for foreigner, Al-Ferengi or something — remember, I got that tidbit on a White Supremacy site, so who knows?) have last names like Schimerman, Eisenberg etc. A guest in The Nagus is Wallace Shawn – he is Grand Nagus Zek – the Godfather of the Ferengi Illuminati. PC concerns aside, this is a fabulous and hilarious episode. I love the Ferengi, so I enjoyed learning more about their culture in this one. Lovable Quark winds up as temporary “Nagus” and there is much amusement. Wallace Shawn will be back for more in future episodes. Good...

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Move Along Home, DS9 1

No Insignia Congrats, DS9 – you finally made an episode as awful as And The Children Shall Lead. In fact, this may be worse. A race from the Gamma Quadrant is met by some Vulcans so they come to DS9 for a First Contact ceremony. They are led by a big mullett-ed dork who kinda looks like Ricky Jay with makeup. All they want to do is go to Quark’s to play games – and wind up sticking Sisko & Co. down a rabbit hole as Quark has to roll dice for their lives. Not only is the game not explained, but it would appear that things are happening at Quark in real time, while the “players” are hopping around singing songs in a pocket universe or something. Who knows? When the punchline comes – it was just a game – and there was nothing really at stake (not like Odo ever demanded “Bring them back”) I wanted to punch the TV. states that this is Avery Brooks’ least favorite episode. Thank God for that. Now is as good a time as ever to state that sometimes Major Kira reminds me of Edith...

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