Month: July 2007

Rescue Dawn (2007), Werner Herzog, B+

Rescue Dawn is a good movie that gets great for about a thirty minute stretch, then concludes with a really sucky coda. For a Hollywood summer release about soldiers soldiering on, it is terrific. For a Herzog film, it is merely okay. One thing that really bugged me was Jeremy Davies doing the exact same schtick he did in Solaris. Once was cool, a second time means you are a hack. Hey, why am I bitching? Rescue Dawn is a really great piece of no-bullshit work. That’s really Batman – I mean, that’s really Christian Bale being dragged behind an ox with his hands tied. That’s really Steve Zahn getting smacked in the face with kudzu vines. A double feature with The Naked Prey and you’ll never want to leave the city again. Nature?...

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Firestarter (1984), Mark L. Lester, C-

Not long ago I wrote an article for UGO detailing the best and worst Stephen King adaptation.  I trashed Firestarter, but the truth is that I barely remembered it.  Watching it again, I feel relieved — it does indeed suck.  Young Drew Barrymore, cute though she may have been, was pretty stinkin’ awful.  The scenes of the secret scientific defense lab “The Shop” has none of the production design you’d expect from something like this. (It is no Scanners.)  The only thing cool about this movie is the tacky 80s Tangerine Dream soundtrack.  And that you can probably listen to on You...

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The Loss, TNG 4

Oh, Counselor Troi, I love it when you get angry!  Troi loses her half-Betazoid abilities and flips out.  So, you’d think, she’s accept just being like everyone else.  At first you think she’s being a total bitch, but eventually you come to understand that it is *we* who are living as cripples — it totally SUCKS not being half-Betazoid!  Now I am depressed.  Anyway, things work out in the end and Troi puts her little turquoise number on.  That’s my favorite of her...

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Final Mission, TNG 4

You better wise up and listen to Captain Picard! shouts young Wesley Crusher.  But you know, he’s right.  The truth is that Picard is probably the best manager/decision maker I’ve ever seen.  If I were trapped on a desert planet, I’d want to be with him.  Even if a boulder landed on his head and he was laying there in a delirious stupor.  Wes off to the Academy?  Something tells me he’ll be...

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Future Imperfect, TNG 4

1/2 This episode is great – a Twilight Zone spin in the tradition of the great TOS’ Mirror, Mirror.  And then there’s this dumbass ending.  So implausible.  Why couldn’t they just say it was an ion storm or something that has sent Riker into an alternate universe in a future timeline?????  I mean, that sounds reasonable, doesn’t...

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