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Huie’s Sermon (1980), Werner Herzog, A-

Jordan | Jordan Hoffman's Movie Journal | Wednesday, May 30th, 2007

Wow! Screened on crumbling 16mm at Film Forum today, Herzog’s “from the point of view of the spaceship” verite doc of a frothing African-American preacher blazing nonstop for 45 minutes. I wasn’t counting, but it felt like there were maybe five cuts in the whole piece. Rev. Huie starts fierce and ends positively shreiking — hyperventalating about the power of Gawad! the beauty of the Suwun! and the wickedness of Traaaanssexuals! (The few shots of the neighboring ghetto at its nadir of economic crisis leads me to think there were better topics to rail about, but you aren’t gonna see me interrupting this guy.) Best are the moments when he sticks his hand out and somebody hands him some toilet paper to mop up his sweat. A wonderful film!


  1. [...] A visit to the heart of Pennsyltucky for the annual livestock auctioneer champtionship. After a little intro and music we get to the meat of the film — an uninterrupted half-hour of high-speed, tongue-twisting autioneering. This reminded me a great deal of Herzog’s Hule’s Sermon — just times ten and for beef instead of Gawwad. Quite a joy. [...]

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  2. [...] Some very well done sequences, but ultimately this is shooting fish in a barrel. Hardcore leftwing loons can have fun connecting the dots between fast food chains, the war in Iraq, Samuel Alito and keeping kids illiterate by banning Harry Potter. The resut of us can just slap our foreheads as we watch hypocrites mentally abuse children. I’d say this is better than Hell House but not as good as Huie’s Sermon. [...]

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