Really: What is up with Wesley Crusher’s outfits? Was it the intention of the costume shop to make poor Wes look as much like an uncomfortable young homosexual as possible? It’s just uncanny.

As for the review, here’s what I wrote on Sept 7, 2006. It is still valid.

I give this episode high marks just for being so flippin’ loopy. If the ending was the least bit comprehensible, it might even be perfect. An obnoxious engineering expert comes aboard to tinker with the Enterprise’s engines. Hats off to actor Stanley Kamel; he is instantly dislikable. Mistakes are made and then this episode goes all Voyager as we wind up 300 of your earth years from home. Then more mistakes are made and we wind up in some floating marshmallow void where reality and fantasy merge. Far out. Young Wesley Crusher (who, for the record, I don’t hate) solves the riddle. Thank God somebody did ’cause I sure as hell don’t know what happened. (Something to do with “If you clap your hands and beleive in fairies. . . “) Anyway, Wes earns his stripes, which means we’ll be able to see this newly pubescent boy in one of those spandexy outfits in upcoming episodes. I can’t wait.