Muslims in Space? Not so much — yet the term Jihad as “Holy War” is also used by a race of bloodthirsty yellow birdmen called the Skorr (not to be confused with the Aurelians.) The Skorr have pacified over the years thanks to a now deceased elder whose spirit lives in a holy shrine. But the shrine has been stolen and placed on a dangerous planet in a roundabout attempt to lure the Skorr back into their old crypto-Islamofascist ways. So a ragtag group of super guys (including Kirk, Spock, a bossy Skorr, a grunting rock man, a whiny & vaguely Hebraic lizard-ly lock-picker and a tough tracker chick who is totally hot for Kirk) go on a search. In other words: ample room for spinoff should this series take off. They find the spirit (a giant glowing shoelace) and then there’s a not-very-surprising turnabout. In the end, all is well.