Finally, we’ve happened upon the gem I knew would be here. “The Magicks of Megas-Tu” is absolutely insane. Someone must have dosed the water cooler at Filmation that week and as a result the entire writing and animating staff was blitzed out of their minds on LSD. For, you see, at the center of the Galaxy (outside of time and space) live a number of magical beings. One of them is Satan. And they’re all pretty cool — just misunderstood. Anyway, when you hang around them, you too get magical powers. Said powers are basically The Force from Star Wars, except your fists glow, too. Unless you get into a big fight as Kirk does at the end (when he is fighting to save Satan), in which case your whole body will glow and the background will turn into a wrapper of Fruit Stripe Gum. Oh, and the Enterprise has to relive the Salem Witch trials for a while. (And Sulu nearly beds a geisha girl.) Far out.