There are many out there in the Trek blogosphere who say that this episode is a hands-down case of extreme shark jumping. I gotta say “no.” Those who think so – they are Herbert. They do not reach.

If you are trying to remember, yes, this is the episode with the space hippies. It’d be easy to laugh at this episode, but I like it for two reasons. The rejection of technology among the followers of Dr. Sevrin is one of the very few instances of a crack in the perfect utopian facade of the Federation. One has to wonder — what becomes of dissidents in a perfect society? And, let’s face it, the Federation, benevolent as it is, is fascist. The other exciting thing: Spock is a fellow-traveller. Well, that’s not hard to believe. I mean, can’t you see Mr. Spock at Arbiter Ring singalongs with Theodore Bikel? Spock can “reach” with the space hippies. He is not Herbert. He, too, yearns for a world untouched by technology (or, at least, he will fight for their right to have it), while he works feverishly within it. Who doesn’t agree that Mr. Spock is among the most interesting fictional characters created?