This is a pretty dumb-ass episode. As I feel like we’ve seen before, a race has died off, but they set a computer to carry out the business of defending their planet. Time has moved on, but the computer’s gone a little nutty. Yeah, yeah. A couple cool bits of business that may keep you mildly interested. One is the funny dance move Sulu and McCoy have to do to protect Kirk from the evil space computer projection with the deadly touch (projection is a scantily clad woman, natch.) Two, we meet a Lt. Radha, an Indian woman complete with bindi on forehead. Lt. Radha is played by a woman with a very Indian-sounding name: Naomi Pollack. (Lt. Singh from the episode The Changeling was played by a Hawaiian.) Lastly, Mr. Spock, at the helm as Kirk is trapped on the planet below, seems to have taken his sassy pills this morning. Everything out of his mouth is a snappy answer to a stupid question. After the Enterprise shakes and Spock is thrown from the Captain’s Chair, Uhura asks “What happened?!” Spock, dusting himself off responds, “the occipital area of my head seems to have impacted with the arm of the chair.” You can almost hear the Leslie Neilson follow-up: “but that’s not important right now.”