“Roberta” may be the least known Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movie but it is basically as good as the others. It is an ensemble piece and the bill is shared with Randolph Scott (so bland) and Irene Dunne (so odd) so this just makes the scenes with Fred & Ginger all the better. The plot is centered on a Parisian gown shop, so there’re no shortage of outrageous costuming — I counted three full on fashion shows (!!!). Irene Dunne absolutely massacres “Smoke Gets In Your Eyes” which, as we all know, was best covered by the Jerry Garcia Band. Anyway, there’s either something hardwired into your brain that encourages you to like a movie like this (art deco steamship cabins, tap dance, fake Polish aristocracy, the repeated phrase “Gee, that’d be swell!” and gowns gowns gowns!!!.) I guess it is no secret that I’ve got that. No shame on you if you don’t.