“Song of Tibet” avoids being rated “F” because it is gorgeous. But I think so long as you remember to take the lens cap off while shooting on location in Tibet you are going to be in good shape. “Song of Tibet” also gets points because it may very well be the only imagery of modern-day Lhasa I’ve ever seen. So I do, in a way, recommend seeing this with cotton in your ears. Because the script has the subtlety of the back of a shovel being whapped repeatedly against your face. And it is Chinese government propaganda, to boot. (Hence the multiple and completely-unrelated-to-the-plot scenes of Anglo-American tourists having a “great time!” amidst the museums, hotels and internet cafes of modern Tibet! Look – they’re even allowed to bury their dead according to Buddhist traditions now. See? They’re happy!) Anyway, there’s some crap in here about a grandmother and her lost kid or something, I dunno. The acting and dialogue is like that of a Bollywood musical without the singing and without the “this-is-for-entertainment” vibe. Let’s stop talking about this movie.