Jordan Hoffman: Vertex of “Chick Lit”

Jordan | Tales Of Hoffman | Sunday, November 26th, 2006


* Did you know that Melanie Murray is a successful author of what reviewers call “Chick Lit?”

* Did you know that the same goes for Caren Lissner?

* Did you know they are anthologized together in a book called “Scenes From a Holiday?”

* Now — here’s where it gets weird. Melanie is the adoreable friend of my adoreable friend Leila (both have curly dark hair and laugh a lot) and, indeed, we used to kibbutz together in the Hayden Hall cafeteria and, I cannot tell a lie, we once sang show tunes in our pajamas in Leila’s room with Adam, Leila’s friend with the short hair whose name I always forget (oh, wait, it’s Sonia!), and maybe even Tom.

* As for Caren, she grew up about four houses down from us and used to have slumber parties with my sister. While I have no recollection of it specifically it is possible that we sang show tunes in our pajamas.

Conclusion: success with the Harlequin division Red Dress Ink in the 21st Century is only possible if you’ve sung show tunes with Jordan Hoffman in your pajamas. This is pure science.

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  1. I wasn’t cool enough to be invited to Nessie-baby’s slumber parties, or maybe I was and I can’t remember, but clearly there was talent on our block! (Mostly coming from you, that is.) I love singing show tunes, and I’d especially love to do it in my jammies…

    Comment by Caren — November 29, 2006 @ 7:17 pm

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