The first Kirk episode shot (the second pilot. . .we’ll get to “The Cage” later) and it is great fun to see the differences. Spock is much more alien-like and the uniforms are different. The bridge is different, too (especially the viewscreen) as are the gadgets. Kirk makes an “intership announcement” and in a big echo-y voice prepares everyone for “leaving the galaxy.” And much of the premise is based on “the phenomenon of ESP,” which, I dunno, just feels like a precursor to Leonard Nimoy’s later career “In Search Of…” Don’t know why they didn’t use this briefing room again, it kinda looks like the one they use on TNG. And McCoy isn’t McCoy — he’s some old man. Also — the only (I think) time we’ll see a phaser rifle. Storywise, similar to Charlie X there is someone on the loose with unstoppable powers. This time it is Helmsman Mitchell, Kirk’s old drinking buddy from the Academy. There is a lot of that not-so-science-minded talk you’ll find in the early episodes (eg Little Blonde Lab Technician) — sexism had yet to be eradicated from the 23rd Century. The main question with this episode: how did they get Hot Lips Houlihan and the dude from 2001’s eyes to be all shiny like that????