Month: June 2006

Here Stay The Warm Jets

I’ve had very little time to do anything — even listen to music — since principle photography started. But I find that every time I sit at my computer to go through email or look at scheduling or anything, I immidiately hit Brian Eno’s “Here Come The Warm Jets” on my iTunes. It’s odd — I don’t really remember when this album came in to my life. I was fond of Roxy Music & some other Eno-related albums in high school and college — but at some point in the past 3 or 4 years “Here Come The Warm Jets” has become something of a constant presence in my life. It is energetic, perhaps even a little ominous at times, but incredibly...

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Productin Journal, Day, Um, I Can’t Remember

Today was the day that I, the producer/co-director, was to blame for everything. It was me who left the permits on the kitchen table before he left for the set. It was me who then didn’t give Patches the key to the van when he sped back home in a cab to get said permits. And it was me who smashed up the van (and a parked 4-Runner) and had to bribe an angry Russian man with an *obscene* amount of money to keep the cops out of it. But at the end of the day, we burned some amazing footage. We had some sound and sun issues — but that’s what post-production movie magic is for. We also had some amazing day players: Irma St. Paule, Pamelyn Chee and John Wu. These guys a real troopers and didn’t mind waiting around until I got my head out of my arse and got the production rolling. We still have the best crew in New York (especially now that Hillary is back) and I can’t wait to get shooting again on July 5. Okay. . .I can wait a little bit — a few days off would be...

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Production Journal, Second Trimester

Our 21 days of shooting entered its second trimester today as we wrapped Day 8. We shot the Charleston scene — one of the most baffling scenes in the movie and, perhaps, my favorite. We’ve got two heavy dramatic scenes for tomorrow. And lots and lots and lots of little pick-ups. The good news is is that we’re basically back on schedule. We’re on a tight schedule, but we aren’t behind. I’ll get a decent night’s sleep...

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Production Journal, First Day Off

It’s the first day off — six straight days of shooting — and I finally have a moment to reflect. Overall, I am very pleased so far. We only had one major foul-up with any consequences — a simple miscommunication landed us a little behind schedule. We’re not extremely behind schedule, but a little behind schedule. We may have to put in one or two overtime days. I’m not worried about how this will change our budget (at this point, the budget is just an abstraction to me — there’ll always be semen to sell) — but gosh darnit a 12 hour day is kinda long enough! Anyway, I must take a moment to sing the praises of our DP Raoul Germain — the guy is just a lagoon of calm in what should be a typhoon of chaos. Maybe it is because he is from LA, but the man just doesn’t know how to get frustrated. It is remarkable. Also, our fantastic cast: Rob Gomes had to go from faking an orgasm in one shot to then queitly weeping in the next. That ain’t easy to do. Especially in cramped quarters with people barking at you nonstop. The luminous Leslie Kendall is a joy to work with, especially because there is no Woody Allen quote she can’t follow-up on. The other star of the show is Young Matt...

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What’s Keeping Me Sane?

It’s less than 36 hours from the start of principle. What’s helped me make it this far? My Nebulizer. Great episodes from TOS Season Two. (It’s where you’ll find me each night at 1 AM when I realize there is *no way* I am getting to sleep — even though I am exhausted.) DJ Spooky remixing Allen Ginsburg. And this fantastic wonderful wacko who can never be praised...

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