Whereas “Cremaster 3” had ogres, classic cars smashing into one another, inside-out horce racing and a Frank Lloyd Wright Donkey Kong game, “Drawing Restraint” has. . . uh. . .zzzzzz. . . wha? huh? Sorry, dozed off for a second there. And so did everyone, at least once, during today’s screening. Parts of the movie are kinda neat (the last 30 minutes or so) but, sheesh, come on! What is *really* amazing is just how flatly everything is lit. Most of the picture takes place down below on a giant tanker – it is just plain ugly. If you are shooting a non-verbal & non-narrative film, please at least make it look interesting! I mean, the *stuff* happening was cool (giant oceanic turds bisecting enormous vaseline sculptures — I mean, who can say anything against that?!?) but it is shot in a very disappointing manner. Boo! The real question is how in the hell Barney gets his funding and his access. For that, I have tremendous respect.