New Year’s Eve, 2005

Jordan | Out & About | Tuesday, January 3rd, 2006

As is often the case when I am having a good time, I forget to take pictures. So these images represent a five minute window of the New Year’s Eve party when I was actually snapping shots. I only got shots of about half the people who actually attended, so don’t feel bad if you aren’t represented.

A round-up of shout-outs, though:

Hats off to Rozger for making the punch.
Hats off to Jan and Beth for being the last to leave. Beth’s quote was, “5:03? I thought it was, like, 2 am!”
Hats off to Repsher for the empanadas idea.
Hats off to Deborah, Leslie and Denise for dancing the Charleston.
Hats off to the Squirrel Nut Zippers for recording Charelston-friendly music.
Hats off to Alejandro Jodorowsky for making a great wallpaper movie that isn’t “Tron” or “Koyanisqaatsi.”
Hats off to Cristin and Shappy for bringing doughnuts.
Hats off to Tien for bringing the Single Malt Scotch that I quickly hid in the back for no one to open.
Hats off to Jurgen for giving us a trans-Atlantic call from Berlin, even if it was at 8 pm when no one was here yet.
Hats off to Andrew, Kathy and Haydee for coming to a party when they basically didn’t know anybody.
Hats off to Kim for coming even though she had a cold.
I’m forgetting some stuff, I’m sure, but I can’t forget the most important shout-out of all. . . .
. . . Hats off to Ann for making the killer Red Beans & Rice and making EVERY night here at the pad feel like New Year’s Eve!!!!







2006 with noisemakers.jpg






And here’s what I had to wake up to in 2006. Next time I make people take their trash with them!







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  1. I wasn’t just calling from Berlin, I was calling FROM THE FUTURE, bringing you first-hand news from 2006!

    Comment by muckster — January 4, 2006 @ 8:13 am

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