Much the reverse of “Genghis Blues,” I enjoyed this a heck of a lot more the second time. I hated this in 1996, but maybe just because I, too, was a loser on the lowest rung of the entertainment industry trying to meet girls at parties. I’m still trying to break into entertainment, but the pain of being single is something I am forever greatful not to worry about — even though it makes for good, embarrasing stories. I’ve spent also spent a little time in L.A. since then and I can say — they nailed it. The movie parody moments (“Jaws” and “Resevoir Dogs”) are still annoying, though the “Goodfellas” moment is endearing. Vince Vaughan dancing atop the diner table at 5 AM is a revelatory scene — as iconic as Kong at the Empire State. So, yes, “you’re so money,” “Vegas, baby,” and “it’s so fuckin’ on” indeed.