Month: May 2005

The Postman (1997), Kevin Costner, C

Y’know, it’s interesting — when you have such low expectations, when you are expecting something as bad as “Battlefield Earth,” and the first 2 of 3 hours don’t entirely suck, you find yourself delighted. The concept of this movie is so ridiculously bad, so in-the-spirit of Ed Wood, so earnest, so straightfaced, that you can’t help but have respect for it. And there actually are some good scenes at the beginning. The end though — it’s like they got tired of making this film as we got tired of watching it. It makes absolutely no sense, but you won’t complain, you’ll just be glad it is over. But worth seeing — see it for the chutzpah as well as the swelling James Newton Howard score as Costner picks up the little boy’s piece of mail. (Yes, you read that right — “Postman” isn’t a metaphor — this post-apocalyptic action adventure film is about...

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Ottomans on Madison

The other day it was Coocoo Gonuts Turkey Day, or something. These guys were large and in charge. If I was a better photographer I’d’ve waited for the decisive moment, when the dog was lookin’ right at me. But then we wouldn’t see the baffled face of the little girl. Here’s the CityCorp Center from an odd...

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The Whole Sick Crew

Here we are outside of Katz’ Deli after a gut-busting lunch of Knishes, Corned Beef, Egg Creams and Pickles. Oy. A few minutes earlier, George Hoffman took a page out of Anthony Burgess’ book and visited a store called...

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A Second Second Arrangement

The story goes that the number Walter Becker and Donald Fagen were most proud of from the Gaucho album was The Second Arrangement. It was mistakenly erased by a putz engineer. An attempt was made to re-record, but they felt the magic was missing and they recorded Third World Man instead. The second version can be heard here, and an earlier demo can be heard here. With a little imagination you can hear what would have...

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Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi (1983), Richard Marquand, A

The thing that struck me most, having seen the transitional Episode III, is the new way I perceive the Empire. As a child, I thought of the stormtroopers and workers on the Star Destroyers as evil men who chose to join this nasty group — chose to join the Dark Side, if you will. Looking at it now, we recognize that the Empire is the default. They are just the citizens who either don’t realize or don’t care that their daily existence is promoting evil. It’s heavy stuff. Also — the Ewoks are cute. And Jabba the Hutt rules. When it is all said and done, Jabba is by far my favorite character in all six episodes. The real question: who is sexier — Leia in the metal bikini or Amadala in the ripped white jump...

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