Month: May 2005

May ’05 Photo Dump

Ann goes nuts. Goober sleeping next to the computer. Very difficult to use the mouse pad. Max Tabatt — an odd looking dog. The crew plays poker. Robert Haussmann, the Wizened Caliph of Carroll Gardens. Before the poker game, a hearty brew of the most fierce salsa ever tasted. Many habanero peppers died to make this sauce. Please note — the Homestar Runner “StrongBad Zone” T-Shirt. Indeed, one taste of this mighty tomato-based concoction and your head asplodes. (Head if you’re lucky.) The crew at the...

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A Prayer For The Red Signal

My subway rides will never be the same — or long enough. Thanks to the miracle of Podcasting, I can now listen to the Brian Lehrer Show whenever I want, wherever I want. This is, no question, the coolest thing in the...

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Smiles of a Summer Night (1955), Ingmar Bergman, B+

Before Ingmar Bergman decided to make experimental films or unbearably depressing films or tinker with the mechanics of death he made this light sex comedy. Well. . .light by Swedish standards, I suppose. There are laughs, but there are also line deliveries to the stars on the order of “we are all cold and frightened.” Anyway, there are some beautiful scenes, a dude with a monocle and all the women are ridiculously attractive. Quite...

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Tron (1982), Steven Lisberger, B+

It was 1 AM — I’d lost a boatload at cards — my apartment was a mess — my stomach ached from hot salsa and anchovy pizza — somehow it seemed the right moment to watch Tron. Last watched it on Sept 6 but it is burned so deep in my soul I’ve practically got it memorized. My grandparents bought it for me as a youngster (back when VHS tapes cost, like $75!) and, somehow, when I was a kid, the movie all made sense. Watching it now, one is swept away with glee at just how little the filmmakers cared if their picture made sense or not. There is no logic, just cool blue shit. Also, director Lisberger, obviously thinking more about the blue shit than the acting, just does not know how to use a talent like Jeff Bridges. He was already a great actor (see him in Fat City as a young tyke) and he’s trying to mix it up here — but the dichotomy (everyone else acting like they are in a George Lucas film) just doesn’t work. Plus, there is one scene where Bridges is supposed to be playing his program character (“Clu”) but starts delivers a few lines like his wisenhimer video game programmer (“Flynn”). I say — all the more reason to love Tron. The real question — why would a major...

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Y Merengue

I made my own salsa. It doesn’t entirely suck, but it isn’t exactly what I had in mind. That’s what you get when you don’t look at a recipe and don’t have any real ingredients in the house. Also — there’s about 2 gallons of...

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