Month: April 2005

The Front (1976), Martin Ritt, B+

It’s amazing — Woody Allen can actually act! Yes, he’s his persona has just been grafted onto a somewhat serious story. . .but tell me the hearing room scene at the end isn’t actually tense? Another great scene is Zero Mostel losing his cool at the Catskills Hotel. Wasn’t planning on watching this, but it was on TV and I couldn’t turn...

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Seriously, Don’t Panic

I don’t know about you but I was very concerned that “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy” film was going to suck. I elected not to read the review, but did catch the phrase “hugely likable” in Manohla Dargis’ opening sentence. That’s enough for me. Brew me up a couple of Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters and start up the Heart of...

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I didn’t plan it, but I wound up on the roof of the Met today, the opening day for Sol Lewitt’s site-specific Splotches. It (or they) is (or are) awesome. The Diane Arbus exhibit is fine, I guess. I’m sick of circus freaks. I got caught up in the Medaeval section. Only two more headphone rentals and I get one...

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I Lost On Jeopardy, Baby.

No — I didn’t even lose, ’cause I didn’t even make the first cut. Out of a room of 60, 7 passed the test. I was not one of ’em. I got most of the questions (sigh, answers) but had a meltdown at the anagram stuff. Never was good at those. And this: Had a complete mental breakdown and couldn’t come up with the name John Grisham. I know, I know. ....

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