Month: March 2005

If Only

I had held on to Goober this tight when the kidnappers took him away! Goober has been in Long Island for almost a month now, with no timetable for a return. An act of liberation may be in...

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End Of March Photo Dump

Everyone loves pictures! Cool! There’s a Hoffman St. in the Bronx: Ann, Denise & Garrett rock out one cold night in Astoria: Cheers! Welcome to Coat Heck! Icicles on the side of Mount Forgottenname on the Mohawk Trail: 3 photos of health food: Kim working on Ann’s recipe for peanut-lime Thai chicken: Bet you weren’t expecting this: I have so many friggin’ pictures of the Gates on my hard drive: James Ruchala plays the Psychadelic Auto Harp: Rob eating cheese, looking over his shoulder: Richard Serra’s giant steel structures: A stuffed tiger with arrows in it. I don’t know either: Ann pointed out that it looked like Laurie had a tracheatomy: What the hell is my father wearing?? Me & Ann at a concert: Why are lighthouses romantic? Stop signs aren’t...

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The Big Lie: Now In Print

In case you needed more proof: Bipartisan Panel announces W. was dead wrong in his reasoning for leading American to war. Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rice, Rumsfeld — lying scoundrels. But lucky lying scoundresl, as this report is released the day Terry Schiavo dies. Coincidence? Why not? It’s obvious we are meant to believe...

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