Month: December 2004

No, It’s Not, But It Is

I’ve done a good job of not posting anti-Bush screeds since the election — but in the face of what could potentially be 100,000 dead people as a result of a natural disaster, I have to vomit up some bile. No — not even WBAI could find a way to blame the tsunamis on the USA, but the lack of response — in hard currency, military mobilization, or at least a fucking 5 minute address from the Oval Office on TV to remind people to give to the Red Cross — is so mindblowingly callous it makes me sick. Bush has all the money in the world for immoral, illegal, unnecessary wars — basically, money to kill. He has no money to help keep people in need alive. ($15 million, before the public outcry raised it another 20, is like $25 stinking bucks comparatively speaking. I just gave my $25 bucks to the red cross and if you are reading this you should do that too by clicking here. . .then you can be just as self-righteous as I am.) The hard-hat assholes you meet everyday will say “it’s not our fault, why should we pay for it? What did they ever do for us?” Starting with the most asninie, least humane reason. . .how about the world fucking hates us right now (for good reason) and if we...

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This Woman Is A Fucking Idiot

Unless I am reading this story wrong, here is a woman who is complaining because she gets paid $85 grand a year to do nothing. NEW YORK POST ONLINE WOMAN SUES OVER ‘NOTHING’ By FREDRIC U. DICKER December 28, 2004 — ALBANY — A State Liquor Authority employee is being paid $82,789 a year to sit in an office and do nothing all day, so she passes the time by reading books and daydreaming, it was revealed yesterday. Patricia Freund, a career state worker who says she was once one of the highest-ranking women at the SLA, also said she spends more time speaking to the janitor at her Albany office complex then she does speaking to one of her bosses. “I don’t think I’ve done more then two days work in three years,” Freund told The Post. The incredible no-work job, which actually costs the state more than $100,000 a year with benefits, is not what Freund, 50, a widow and college graduate who has worked for the state for 25 years, said she ever wanted. “I had a very meritorious career and an unblemished record until three years ago,” said Freund. “Now, I have no duties and nobody here even speaks to me.” Instead of working during her seven-hour shift, Freund said she uses the time in the office to read books such as “A Distant Mirror,”...

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You Are The Quarry

She told me she loved me, Which means, She must be insane I’ve had my face dragged in , Fifteen miles of shit, And I do not, And I do not, And I do not like it So how can anybody say, They know how I feel, The only one around here who is me, Is me They said they respect me, Which means, Their judgement is crazy I’ve had my face dragged in, Fifteen miles of shit, And I do not, And I do not, And I do not like it So how can anybody say, They know how I feel, When they are they, And only I am I He said he wants to befriend me, Which means, He can’t possibly know me The voices of the real, And the imagined cry, The future is passing you by, The future is passing you by So how can anybody possibly think they know how I feel, Everybody look, See pain, And walk away And as for you in your uniform, Your smelly uniform, You think you can be rude to me Because you wear a uniform, A smelly uniform, And so you think you can be rude to me But even I, As sick as I am, I would never be you Even I, As sick as I am, I would never be you Even I, Sick and...

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My Neighbor Is Dead

Reuters forgets to mention that, for six months, she lived a few floors above me and Kerry Douglas Dye. I am sure it was just an oversight. (I only saw her twice.) Susan Sontag, Writer and Critic, Dies at 71 By Claudia Parsons NEW YORK (Reuters) – Author and social critic Susan Sontag, one of the most powerful thinkers of her generation and a leading voice of intellectual opposition to U.S. policy after the Sept. 11 attacks, died on Tuesday at a New York cancer hospital. She was 71. Sontag, who had been suffering from cancer for some time, was known for interests that ranged from French existentialist writers to ballet, photography and politics. She once said a writer should be “someone who is interested in everything.” She was a lifelong human rights activist and the author of 17 books, including a novel, “In America,” that won a U.S. National Book award. Her work has been translated into more than 30 languages. Among her best known works was a 1964 study of homosexual aesthetics called “Notes on Camp.” Fellow author and friend Salman Rushdie described her as “a great literary artist, a fearless and original thinker, ever valiant for truth” who insisted “that with literary talent came an obligation to speak out on the great issues of the day.” Sontag was among the first to raise a dissenting voice...

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