Somewhere below The Royal Tennenbaums and above Big Fish is Amélie. It’s an odd genre. Let’s call it quirksploitation. There’s about 30 minutes too much of Amélie. . .right in the center where she’s caring for her co-workers. I’ve seen the wacky co-workers on a million BBC sitcoms. When we stick to the cat-and-mouse clues-around-the-city love affair, the movie is really cookin’. There also may’ve been just one too many moments of unexplained poorly rendered digital glows of internal/eternal light after every time something nice happens. But, alas, the pros far outweigh the cons. Ms. Tatou is quite adorable and the voice-over is funny. The scene where M. Kassovitz is dressed like a skeleton going “Wooooo!” into her ear in the funhouse is absolutely inspired.