Month: May 2004

Very interesting. I can certainly see the appeal for both Leth and von Trier to want to do such a project. Yet I saw it about 4 hours ago and it is almost 100% escaped from memory. But lots of fun while it lasted — and it is good to see Bob Sabiston’s rotoscope cartooning technology worked into a movie...

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The real comedy of course was seeing Kerry Douglas Dye stand in the middle of Houston St. traffic to take these photos with a big look of “why do I hang out with this idiot?” on his...

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I saw the first 40 minutes of this in a class in 1993 and have been meaning to catch the rest ever since. It is a very funny movie, but there’s not one joke. A great example of how non-linear storytelling can sometimes get your point across better than any other method. A good double feature with Peter Medak’s “The Ruling...

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