Holy smokes! A wild, unintentional comedy, this unintelligable historical horror film features brain-eating, burning-at-the-stake, mystical comets, swanky lounges and a formal dinner at a castle. Not quite as awful as the work of Ed Wood, yet, perhaps, a little stranger. Nothing — NOTHING makes any sense. Best is the bad guy sneaking away during important scenes to snack on the giant chalice of brains he keeps stashed in a trunk. No, best are the faces the “frozen” men make as their wives’ brains are sucked out. No, best are the keystone cops brandishing flamethrowers that obviously don’t do squat, yet still foil the beast. No, best are the unmotivated claws the 17th century Baron has when he re-appears in modern Mexico to avenge his unfair Inquisition. Oh, this movie just has so much to offer. We watched it as a group and were much entertained.