Month: November 2003

349) 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), Stanley Kubrick, A+

If presented in the proper setting it is an unequalled movie experience. There’s no other movie I know of that tackled these subjects. Part of the magic, yes, is being obscure. Every late night undergraduate argument about the meaning of this film is completely earned. I caught this tonight on TMC’s “Essentials” series, and it is well placed on that shelf. There were a few years in my life when I dismissed this movie, but I’m officially reversing myself. One basic example of how it “works” is this: I saw this very young on TV, too young to “get” in any concrete the discussion about Man and Nature and Machine and Transcendence and Blah Blah Blah, and still, although this is not a “scary movie,” the imagery and aural textures had me up, oddly terrified, for...

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What’s Spanish for “overhyped?” Or, frankly, “gross?” I’ve had it up to here with movies that are really numerous short films smooshed together with forced coincidences to make a feature. I say “feh” to that! Of the three short films here, one is good (the model with her dog trapped under the floorboards of the apartment), one is unoriginal but well-played (the contract killer with a past), and one, the kid with the fighting-dog who loves his sister-in-law, is just awful. Not one — not ONE — of any of the characters in the entire picture is sympathetic. And it’s an ugly picture. And two-and-one-half hours. Skip it. If you want to see Latin America in violent crises see “City of God” — it has a social...

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